In the beginning God created word.
Not long after, he corrected himself and created video.

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We use every opportunity to exercise our creative muscles, making ourselves to think in new ways and create new challenges

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Advertising is like a needle – goes straight through a huge audience, passes quickly, imprinting the bright and indelible face of the company in the eyes of the viewer. Sometimes without a raw understanding of the brand, viewers walk around with the ad as a virus infecting both their mother and a stranger on the street. We bet that no one else has told you this – websites where video content is implanted are gentlemanly allowed forward in search engines. Or more simply, Google has a crush on video content.

Our work

Brand video

The man who founded your company had dreams and a vision, which is transferred internally from morning to evening, from Monday to Friday, from a rookie to a veteran. If this vision, identity, company face were to be known by the audience, you would become closer, it would be easier to talk to you. A corporate film is the most appropriate tool to open the company’s doors to the viewer and showed them what you breath.

Our work

Social media video

The format is created for all social media. With its help, you can put your services, the most creative ideas and the relevant information right next to your customer’s/user’s nose. Also, it is an organic, orderly and attractive form of non-nauseating advertising campaign (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc).

Our work